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Snapper Up: Snapper and Grouper Chum

Snapper Up: Snapper and Grouper Chum Snapper Up: Snapper and Grouper Chum Snapper Up: Snapper and Grouper Chum
Snapper Up: Snapper and Grouper Chum
Date Added: 05/06/2021 by Steve S.
Snapper Up: Snapper and Grouper Chum
[Snapper Chum]

My catching rate is going thru the roof since I started using Snapper Up.
I truly believe in their products.

My fishing logbook I have been tracking all of my trips since 2015:
Who goes out with me?
What type of fish we catch?
Where we fish at
How many fish we catch?

2018 we caught 84 good size fish for the year.
2019 we caught 201 fish
2020 we caught 392 fish.

My time for fishing is very limited as I travel for work covering the USA, have been to Australia, New Zeeland, Turkey, Barcelona, and Amsterdam for work. So, I need every advantage I can for my limited time on the water.

At iCast 2018 I stopped by Aquatic booth, this is where I see Snapper Up for the first time
(I did not buy any that year) 😒😒
But I have been using it in 2019- 2021 and beyond.

I really like this product the tackle stores around me are out of stock. I see this at iCast (annual fishing trade show) a couple of years ago, thought I would try it not knowing if chumming would even work, let me tell you. But I try not to leave the dock without Snapper Up it has been a game changer, my neighbor goes out with me, but when he goes out with his own boat and his fishing buddies, he does not take any chum and it shows in his results.

June 2020 we both went out the same day different boats he brought back 2 Red Snapper with 3 people fishing, we had 6 people and limited out with 12 Red Snapper, Mango Snapper and Vermilion Snapper, Abaco Jack, Grouper, Porgy, Trigger Fish his wife gave him hell why did we not take any chum. We caught 57 fish that day.

You too will Love their products, here is to a very successful day on the water.

Avid sport fishing nut I am.

Update May 1st 2021 we went out as the weather finally was calm enough to get out for us.

(5) of us went out Saturday and we used Snapper Up a world of difference Saturday was opening day on Amberjack in the Gulf of Mexico we did not catch any Amberjack, we did however catch (43) Red Snapper, (5) Triggerfish, (3) Porgy and I hooked onto a 6 1/2-foot shark fought that for 25 minutes according to the time stamp on my phone that was used to video bringing it to the boat.

The guys were impressed on how many Red Snapper we caught in one trip.

Even caught two Red Snapper on one line.
After returning to the dock my neighbor unable to go with us came over told him about our progress, he said you used Snapper Up didn't you???
Steve Szenay
Serge Ferrari North America