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Welcome to our new website! We have done our very best to move all customer data over to our new platform. When attempting to login with your old credentials you will be prompted to create a new password. If the new website doesn't recognize your email you may need to create a new account. Rest assured all past orders are stored in our internal order fullfillment database. If you need assistance call 352-357-0902, we will be glad to help. 


ANI has consistently followed four key principles in developing our products. We source the finest quality ingredients, leverage state-of-the-art science and research to inform our product development, seek real-life scenarios to enhance our offerings, and identify and meet the needs of the markets we are deeply passionate about.


Our groundbreaking saltwater fish attractants and fishing chums have revolutionized angling by helping fishermen catch more fish. The key advantage of ANI's fishing attractants is their non-frozen, shelf-stable nature, which eliminates the need for refrigeration.


Q8 Super Bait was born out of our unwavering passion for fishing. It was developed through extensive research and prototyping, resulting in our innovative line of Hybrid Soft Plastic Biodegradable Scent Emitting Fishing baits. Q8 Super Bait combines the most popular bait profiles with the reliability of traditional plastic lures and the effectiveness of live bait.


Our koi and goldfish food were developed on the banks of our koi farms' ponds. This creation was driven by both necessity and the belief that we could offer a high-quality product at affordable prices.

Chums & Attractants

One thing is for sure, Fish eat Fish, Shrimp, Squid, Crab, and Clams. Nothing beats a natural food source to truly make a Fish bite. Aquatic Nutrition utilizes products derived from the sea such as; Menhaden, Shrimp, Fish Oil, Squid and many other ingredients combined to produce our fishing specific products 

Q8 Super Bait Bleeding Bait Technology

Q8 is  composed of over 75% water-based liquid scent and  flavor, ensuring an irresistible allure to fish of all species.  While traditional baits rely solely on sight and action,  Q8 goes above and beyond by incorporating the crucial  elements of smell, texture, and taste. Many fish are initially attracted by sight, but it is the scent that lures  them closer. Once they approach, the enticing flavor  of Q8 ensures they hold on longer, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Blackwater Premium Koi & Goldfish Food

There are a lot of Koi Food diets out there claiming to be premium Koi Food, many put profits ahead of quality. With Aquatic Nutrition Koi Food Diets, we feel a little profit and a better quality puts us way ahead of our competition. We produce many different formulations so you can grow your Koi to their full potential. Compare our prices, our quality and our reputation. You will find your customers (and your Koi) will enjoy these Koi Food diets, season after season.

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