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Why Us?


It’s a fish eat fish world out there...

Aquatic Nutrition and its officers have been involved in the fishing and sport-fishing industry, combined, for over 80 years. The feeding of fish and the science behind making them strike an object or a bait has been an ongoing quest that is continuously evolving. We put the same effort into our Ornamental Fish Diets as we do with all of our sport fishing Chums and Baits.


One thing is for sure, Fish eat Fish, Shrimp, Squid, Crab, and Clams. Nothing beats a natural food source to truly make a Fish bite. Aquatic Nutrition utilizes products derived from the sea such as; Menhaden, Shrimp, Fish Oil, Squid and many other ingredients combined to produce our fishing specific products such as Yellowtail Up, Blood Stream, Super Shrimps, Super Shrimps Gel Dip, Snapper-Up (Snapper & Grouper Chum), Chum Drop Chum Ball Mix, Chum Cloud, Chum Slick, Baitmaker. Flats Magic, Mojo Fishing Oats, Mojo Saltwater Fishing Chum, Mojo Crab Trap Bait, Mojo Fish Trap Bait.


So what makes our Ornamental fish food diets better?


There are a lot of Koi Food diets out there claiming to be premium Koi Food, many put profits ahead of quality. With Aquatic Nutrition Koi Food Diets, we feel a little profit and a better quality puts us way ahead of our competition. We produce many different formulations so you can grow your Koi to their full potential.


Compare our prices, our quality and our reputation. You will find your customers (and your Koi) will enjoy these Koi Food diets, season after season.


Our Koi Foods are typically made less than 90 days from the time they are shipped to you.