Aquatic Nutrition Launches Q8 Super Bait

Posted by Aquatic Nutrition on May 3rd 2024

Aquatic Nutrition Launches Q8 Super Bait


Steve Tucker


Aquatic Nutrition Launches Q8 Super Bait

Bleeding Bait Technology: Extremely Durable Hybrid Scent Emitting Biodegradable Soft Plastic Bait Targets Inshore and Offshore Saltwater Fishermen

EUSTIS, FL July 16, 2023 — Aquatic Nutrition Inc., a nationally recognized leader in the production of fishing chums and attractants has announced the launch of a new line of Hybrid Soft Plastic Biodegradable Scent Emitting Fishing baits. Q8 Super Baits will be available in five of the most used soft bait profiles and will come in a wide range of popular and effective colors.

Joe Pawlak Vice President of Aquatic Nutrition Inc. and Chief Product Developer has dedicated years of research both in the lab and on the water testing and perfecting this new line of fishing baits. Focusing on combining the reliability of traditional plastic lures and the effectiveness of traditional live bait. Q8 Super Bait utilizes proprietary “Bleeding Bait Technology” allowing anglers to always have on hand an extremely durable soft plastic bait that tastes alive and smells alive ensuring successful fishing excursions.

What sets Q8 apart from regular plastic baits is its comprehensive approach to fish enticement. Q8 is composed of over 75% water-based liquid scent and flavor, ensuring an irresistible allure to fish of all species. While traditional baits rely solely on sight and action, Q8 goes above and beyond by incorporating the crucial elements of smell, texture, and taste. Many fish are initially attracted by sight, but it is the scent that lures them closer. Once they approach, the enticing flavor of Q8 ensures they hold on longer, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Aquatic Nutrition and its officers have been involved in the fishing and sport-fishing industry, combined, for over 80 years. The feeding of fish and the science behind making them strike an object or a bait has been an ongoing quest that is continuously evolving.