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Yellowtail Snapper Chum

Yellowtail Snapper Chum Yellowtail Snapper Chum
Yellowtail Snapper Chum
Date Added: 12/11/2012 by Carlos Hechavarria Jr
Yellowtail Snapper Chum
[Yellowtail Snapper Chum]

The first advantage I noticed is that it doesn't leave your hands smelling awful like regular frozen chum does. Anyways aside from that, this stuff works!!
We decided to anchor up in 70feet and start chumming up the snapper. It didn't take more than 10 minutes to have the yellow tail show up. We started filling up the cooler with some nice sized yellowtail when suddenly we saw a big red ball show up behind the boat as well. It was the Mangrove Snappers! now, usually the bigger mangroves and yellowtails are smart, but they were in such a frenzy that they almost didn't let the baits hit the water! These fish were big. we caught some 20+ inches! and most were in the 15-18" range! We limited out on Snapper in an hour.
I would definitely recommend this to others,