Baby Koi Peanut Food 2 lb. Kit

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Peanut Food
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At just 1 to 3 inches, our Baby Koi (we call them Peanuts) are very small and they require a special Koi food that has been ground into a fine powder. This finely-ground blend of our Gold-N Professional Koi Diet and special booster ingredients will help your baby Koi grow at fast pace. This truly is the best food for baby Koi. Included in the mix is ANI-b, developed in conjunction with Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc . ANI-b helps to promote healing and disease resistance. This kit contains a bag of fine powder and a larger bag of  crumble. After your Peanuts arrive, feed them only the fine powder for several days or as long as the bag lasts. Once all of the fine powder has been fed, you may begin feeding the fine crumble. This gradual transition from fine powder to fine crumble will prepare the fish for their transition to regular pellet food when they are big enough. For the fastest  result and best success many hobbyist grow the fish further on Gold-N or Max Growth food. 

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Feeding Instructions:

Feed several times per day only as much as the Koi can consume within 10 minutes. If there is still food left after 10 minutes, you have fed too much and should remove the excess using a syphon. Peanut food should be fed until all of the fish have reached 3-4 inches or greater, at which point they can be switched to a small pellet diet such as Blackwater Max Growth or Blackwater Gold-N Professional Diet. 

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