Q8 Curly Tail Swim

Q8 Super Bait
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A heavily-scented, extra durable soft bait that fish can't resist. These baits have the taste and scent of live bait. The scent is emitted continuosly and is made with all natural ingredints that fish recognize. Q8 Curly Tail Swim Baits - A crazy amount of action with good durabilty makes the Q8 Curly Swim the choice of anglers persuing all types of saltwater gamefish. It is also the number one choice of Fluke/ Flounder fisherman. Use it with a plain hook, a jig head or a high low rig. The slightest movement makes the tail ripple with major action. More durable than other baits…catch multiple fish on one bait. Scented and flavored throughout.

  • More Durable Than Other Scented Soft Baits
  • Saturated in Scent, Longer Lasting
  • Comes Pre-Charged
  • Bleeding Bait Technology
  • Smells ALIVE, Tastes ALIVE
Fishing Style:
Pelagic Fishing
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Reef Fishing
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Flats Fishing
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Backwater Fishing
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Bay Fishing
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Inshore Fishing
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Lake Fishing
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