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Q8 Super Bait
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Have you ever been to the bait shop after getting up early only to find they don’t have any shrimp? Have you ever had your shrimp taken off the hook the moment you drop in your favorite fishing spot? Are you shocked at the cost of live shrimp? Q8 tastes and smells like shrimp because it’s made with the same parts. It smells alive and tastes alive. You don’t need to worry about the bait shop not having shrimp when you need them or keeping them alive while heading out to the perfect spot… AND you can catch multiple fish on one bait, these baits are Super Durable.

  • More Durable Than Other Scented Soft Baits
  • Saturated in Scent, Longer Lasting
  • Comes Pre-Charged
  • Bleeding Bait Technology
  • Smells ALIVE, Tastes ALIVE
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Reef Fishing
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Surf Fishing
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Flats Fishing
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Backwater Fishing
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Deep Sea Fishing
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Bay Fishing
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Bottom Fishing
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Inshore Fishing
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Offshore Fishing